From the Battlefield to the Bottle A storied history meets Red Mountain wine.

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Wine stories always appeared amidst my grandfather's tales of violence and bloodshed in World War I. Marching into the battle, French villagers shared wine that stood out decades later. It was a naïve 24-year-old Pennsylvanian’s very first wine—and a taste he never forgot.

The Argonne Forest was the backdrop to a pivotal moment in world history; our winery is an homage to the WWI battle there, my grandfather, Charles Smith and his stories of wine in 1918 France. As we researched his stories, they became more real than I could have ever imagined.

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“…turns out my grandfather was tasting his first wine while marching into the battle of the Argonne Forest; the largest and final battle of the war.”

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Every Barrel Tells a Story

Argonne Cellars embeds this rich history in every sip. Argonne Cellars is the only winery in the Northwest using barrels made from Argonne Forest-sourced French oak; from trees so old they stood during the battle in 1918. Oak imbued with a unique and highly coveted "trunk terroir."

Handcrafted Boutique Red Mountain Wines A legacy of wine that continues today.

Wine continues to shape our family's history, from my grandfather in 1918 to his great-grandson today. We are dedicated to producing the very best handcrafted, boutique WA state wines from the Red Mountain AVA possible. Please join us on the journey.

Owen Smith
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Our Winemaking Philosophy Our wines are bold, complex, and adventurous.

In our winemaking, we seek to emulate the flavor profiles my grandfather enjoyed in France — softer, rounder whites along with big, bold New World reds — as well as a few unexpected approaches.

Unexpected approaches like an award-winning single varietal Petit Verdot from Red Mountain, white port made from Muscadelle du Bordelais, Sauvignon Blanc with just the right hint of oak exposure, and much more.

Awards & Accolades Award-winning wines

From our inception, Argonne Cellars has earned a reputation for producing wines of exceptional quality and character. In fact, several wines from our first vintage received numerous awards including multiple “double golds” from the prestigious San Francisco Chronicle Competition. And remarkably, the very first bottle we ever produced, received “Best Syrah,” a Platinum Award, and a 94-point review at the respected San Diego International Wine Challenge.

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